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How To Avoid Hiring Bad Builders For Your Dream Home

builderThe stage is set, and you’re ready to build your dream home, but how do you avoid hiring bad builders? It’s very easy to come up with the names of several professional builders in your area, but that doesn’t automatically guarantee a job well done. In fact, you could always end up hiring someone unprofessional and dishonest, and of course, that can be a serious financial setback. Fortunately, avoiding a bad builder can be as simple as making sure your builder doesn’t match up with any of the items on this list:

No experience: The first sign of a potentially bad situation is hiring a builder with no experience. Sure, at first glance it may seem like a good idea to hire a novice in order to save money, but it’s guaranteed you will end up with a subpar job that won’t withstand the test of time. Not to mention, builders need to know how to obtain the proper permits in order to complete the planned project.

Poor communication skills: When you hire a professional, you need to feel assured that you’re in good hands. Not only does the builder and his architect need to understand your vision, but they need to be good communicators. If something needs to be changed or can’t be done according to your discussed plan, you should be the first to know about it. You shouldn’t be the one chasing after your builder to get him to communicate. Fortunately, communication skills can be gauged early on by sitting down for an interview.

No prior projects: Before you even contemplate hiring a builder, you need to see past projects they have completed. Think of it as a reference if you will, and make sure you get a list of at least five past clients and the projects that the builder has completed for them. If the builder refuses to provide proof of past work, do not under any circumstances hire them.

No insurance or permits: Not only should your future builder have the necessary experience to carry out a serious building project, but he needs to be licensed in your area (dependent upon where you reside). Additionally, the builder needs to be knowledgeable about handling permits and how or when they need to be filed.

Poor background: Always do the necessary evils of a background check. The Internet is a good place to start to see whether formal complaints have been filed and if the builder has made the front page news with a scandal. Consumer protection agencies also offer a wealth of information for the average homeowner in order to ensure utter and complete protection against fraud.

Avoiding bad builders can be simple enough if you’re willing to do some homework. It’s better to research a potential builder before you hire them than to throw complete caution to the wind. You’re likely to be building your forever home, so it’s not advisable to cut corners in the beginning.